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Note: Every participant will win a price, as long as you follow the simple rules


Guiding Rules

To Participate

  • Participants must have at least one of these social media handles, Twitter or Facebook or Instagram
  • Such social media handle must be at least one year old and should have up to 100 friends/followers

How to Participate

  • a) Copy the text labelled Post-text below
  • b) Save the image labelled Post-Image to your device
  • c) Post the saved image with the post text on your favorite social media handle (Make sure its posted on public mode)
  • d) Come back to this¬† page and fill the Reward Form below with your participation details. (the number we are to reward)

Once we confirm you followed the rules, YOU EARN YOUR PRICE

Post-text (Copy)

Get a logo just for #500 @ freedesigna.com
For more details and help chat the 24/7 customer support via https://wa.me/2348138156958.
See samples below

Post- Image (Save)


Reward Form (Fill)

If you dont know how to get your social media post address/url, Read this
This is where we inform you what price you won
This is where we will send your Recharge Card or Data Reward
We use this to confirm if you actually shared the post.