Requirements to register an NGO or Church with CAC 2021


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To register an NGO or church with CAC in Nigeria, the following requirements are needed. With these requirements, we can assist you to register your church or NGO with CAC within 3 weeks

1) Three Proposed Church or NGO names

You have to provide one primary name and two alternative names. The name is usually the first prerequisite, as it is needed first for the name search. Once the Ngo/Church name is approved, these other details can follow.

NOTE In reading this, whenever Details of a person is mentioned, it includes the following

  • Surname,
  • First name,
  • other names,
  • Phone number,
  • Email,
  • Gender,
  • Occupation,
  • Residential Address (Country, State, Lga, City/Town, House Number, Street Name),
  • Work Address (Country, State, Lga, City/Town, House Number, Street Name),
  • Scanned Copy of ID card]


2) Ngo/Church DETAILS

The details include the following

  • Email Address (any active email is allowed)
  • Phone Number
  • Registered office address (State, LGA, CITY/TOWN, House or Building number, Street Name)
  • Branch address if any


These are simply lines of statements stating the objectives of the Ngo/Church. The objectives can be found in the Ngo/Church Memorandum of Association MOA

4) Details of at least one witness

At least one witness to the existence of the business is needed. The witness can be any individual from 18yrs and above, chosen by the directors. Anyone who can stand and testify in case of a legal tussle in future. These details are listed in the note above

5) Trustees Details

For a Church/NGO, at least two trustees are needed. (They are just like the directors of the Ngo/Church). Refer to the note above for the director details required. You will also state the minimum and maximum number of trustees you want the association to have, plus the tenure they can serve

6) Secretary Details

Secretary detail is one of the pre-requirements needed to register an NGO or church with CAC in Nigeria. The organization secretary detail is compulsory. Refer to the note above for the details needed

7) Quorum

The minimum number of members needed to decide in any meeting

8) Minutes of Meeting

Minutes of the meeting where the company appointed the Trustees and secretary and the minutes should indicate how many members were present and the date.

9) Source of Income

Here the NGO/Church should state categorically how the association is meant to be getting funds. E.g., Donations.

10) Newspaper Publication

Once you have your name approved and your board of trustees in place, the next step is for the Trustees to publish a notification of their intention to register an NGO/Church. This notice must be published in at least two newspapers, one widely circulated in the area where the organisation will be based.

11) Cost

The cost of registering an NGO/CHurch in 2021 ranges from #72,000 to #100,000 (excluding the cost of newspaper publication). It depends on which agent is handling the registration. With us, it costs only #75,000 from start to finish (This can be paid in 3 instalments).

As CAC accredited agent, We can assist you in getting your NGO/Church duly registered with CAC.

Now you know what is involved. You can also check out the requirements needed to register a Business Name, or Private Limited Company (Ltd), or Public Limited Company. or even get an affordable  website for your church or Ngo


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