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Being here means you are interested in joining our designas. Please, read more about us before proceeding with this page.

Recruitment Process


  • Applicants must have
    • A valid/working email
    • A social media handle (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram)
    • A whatsapp number
    • A bank account
  • Applicants must be proficient in the use of any or combination of the following
    • Adobe Photoshop
    • Corel Draw
    • Adobe Illustrator
    • Any other good photo/ graphics editor
  • Applicants be willing to work from home and deliver accepted jobs within 1 hour (the jobs are simple though).
NOTE A simple job will be sent to you to complete in one hour. This is to test your claimed proficiency


  • You submit, your details via the form below
  • We go through the application
  • If its satisfactory, you are hired.
  • We add you up to our designas whatsapp group.
  • We post lots of jobs on this group, and the first person available, willing to accept the job, gets the job
  • Once accepted by you, we will post the job details (including the pictures to work on ) to your mail (this is to avoid image lossy compressions on whatsapp)
  • You work on the job.
  • Deliver back to us via mail.


We have two payment methods

  • Forthnight payment: This is for designas working in our offices.
  • Commission payment: This is for designas working from home.

You earn 50% commission from any job you accept and complete. Our charges are pretty low, This is because of our market environment –NIGERIA, where a lot of persons live below poverty level. We still want to accommodate them.  You may earn high in sites like Fiverr, Upwork, but the job isnt always available. But with us, there are tons of jobs coming daily. This is because we made our services pretty cheap and free in many cases. So, you can make cool cash in numbers, if you know what you are doing. Moreover, the jobs are simple jobs, that just needs little touch of professionalism.


You will earn 45% of the #500 we charge our clients. 
Thats #200 per job.

When you are paid:

We pay you once you have completed up to 5 jobs. This means, minimum pay out is #1250. Note: You can complete more than 10 jobs in few hours, if you are serious about it.


Being hired as one of our designas, automatically inducts you in our freedesigna.com family. As such, you will be the first to benefit from our reward and promotional packages.

Also, you must participate in our publicity and public awareness campaign. Hence,  you must be willing to

  • Share our business posts on your social media handle.
  • Engage people in promotional discussions about our freedesigna.com


By filling and submitting this form, you agree with the terms stated on this page. Use chrome browser to fill and submit this form
This is where we will send you jobs to do
This is where we post available jobs
Facebook, Twitter, Instagram are allowed

Use this if you cant find the multiple file uploader above

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