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Example 1:  Someone requesting for a logo creation could say.

Hello freedesigna, Hello freedesigna, I want a logo for my business. My business name is __________. I want the logo to have blue and white color. Use _____ icon. My business slogan is ____ I have attached a sample/sketch of what I want below. Thanks

Example 2 :  Someone requesting for photo editing could say.

Hello freedesigna, I want the picture attached below to be edited/retouched as follow. Change the background to ________, or to ______Change the clothe color  to ______ Apply some make up to the face etc.

Example 3:  Someone requesting for facebook advertisement banner, could say

Hello freedesigna, I want a facebook ad for my business named (DIVINE STICHES)
Use the images, that i will upload, to create something unique for me. Add these contact details to the design Phone Number, Facebook page, Email, etc I ve also attached a sample of what i want it to look like. Thanks

This is just a guide to help you communicate what you want to us. Feel free to say exactly what you want.

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