Here using pictures/images, we give a detailed explanation on how to use our site features.

If you dont like too much reading, then watch them in our site guide videos 

Note: For best user experience, we encourage you to use a chrome browser when accessing our site.


How to submit a job

There are many ways, you could follow to submit your job to us. We just described one them.

STEP 1 . Visit,

STEP 2. Click the menu bar, at the top right of your screen
hw to job 1

STEP 3. Click the Submit a job option

how to job 2

STEP 4. Choose from the first two options (Free Services or Paid Services), then click Request Now

how to request

STEP 5. You are now in the order page, fill the form accurately and submit. (details of how to fill the form is under the form)

how to job 4

STEP 6. If you choose the Paid Services option from step 4 above, then you may want to read How to make payment,

STEP 7. Dont forget to check your mail after submitting a request.


How to submit a Testimonial.

Testimonials are comments, about us, from people who have used any of our services. It informs the public about our professionalism, integrity and diligence.

If you wish to let your voice be heard by the public about us. Then follow the steps

STEP 1 Visit our homepage (

STEP 2 Scroll down until you see “WHAT CLIENTS SAY ABOUT US “. You can slide left or right to read other people testimonial.

testimonial 1

STEP 3 Click the link under one of the testimonials.

STEP 4 Fill the form that follows

STEP 5 Give us a rating

testimonial 2


How to make payment

Payment is for clients who chose the “PAID SERVICES” as described in content one above. To submit, your job here, is achieved by making the token payment

STEP 1 Fill the order form appropriately. More details on how to fill the form is under the form itself

STEP 2 Click Pay Now

payment 1

STEP 3 You will  be directed to the payment options.

Choose any of the following options

1.  Card


2. Bank

payment 2

3. GTB 737

STEP 4 Fill in the required details

STEP 5 Click Pay or Verify Account.

An OTP (one time payment password ) will be sent to the number you registered with your bank, also a space will open on the site to enter the OTP

STEP 6 Enter the OTP .

payment OTP

STEP 7  Click AUTHORIZE. Thats all

Dont forget to check your mail after payment, for your receipt.

How to contact Support

We have an active support, striving to be available 24/7. To contact us,

STEP 1 Visit

STEP 2 Scroll down to the bottom of the page. Our contact details are available there. OR

contact freedesigna

STEP 3. Reach us on a life whatsapp chat, by clicking the green button close to the end of each page

whatsapp freedesigna

We will be glad to hear from you.

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How to request for Revision

Revision is an option that allows you, to ask for correction on a work we have already completed and delivered to you. That is, if for any reason you are not satisfied, and want something to be corrected. REVISION OPTION is what you will use.

NOTE: Revision request is only available to clients who initially submitted their jobs via PAID SERVICES.

To submit a Revision

STEP 1   Visit

STEP 2  Scroll to the Service options (around the middle page )

STEP 3 Find the Request Revision option and click Request Now 

revision how freedesigna

STEP 4 Fill the form accurately

revision 2

One of the options you will find in the form is “payment reference number“. You can find this number in your mail, on the receipt we gave you the day you made the initial payment.

It looks like this

receipt freedesigna

STEP 5 Submit

How to get the Promo Reward

To participate and get rewarded in our Promo.

STEP 1 Visit

STEP 2  Click the menu bar the top right of the page

get reward freedesigna.

STEP 3  Click Get Reward

STEP 4  Read through the simple Rules on the page

STEP 5 Post the “post-test” and “post-image” on your social media handle

promo data for social media

STEP 5  Fill the Reward Participation Form

STEP 6 Submit.

Our reward team will have to verify if you followed the rules. Once confirmed, we reward you.

How to use the Site Blog

Our blog is made up of highly educating and entertaining contents. We have lots of unique and amazing facts on Beauty, Health, Social Media, Technology and Entertainment

We dont just write block of boring text, we attach beautiful images to drive home our point. Who does not like seeing beautiful pictures.

Feel free to educate and entertain yourself with our contents


STEP Visit

STEP 2 Click the menu bar the top right of the page

get reward freedesigna.

STEP 3  Hover or click on the small arrow close to the blog tab.

BLOG freedesigna

STEP 4 Choose and click from the drop down, what interest you the most.

Read as much as you can . Its rich but free. Enjoy.

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