Health Benefits of Moringa


Growing up, my grandmother used Moringa to treat various ailments including stomach pains, cuts and bruises.

When I started cooking and experimenting with herbs and spices, I found out that Moringa has many health and nutritional benefits and a sweet flavourful vegetable.

moringa benefits

Moringa is native to some parts of Africa and Asia. The most widely cultivated spices is Moringa oleifera which is what we have available here in Kenya. Moringa is also known as miracle tree, the horseradish tree, drumstick tree or ben oil tree.

Moringa has both health and beauty benefits, from treating oedema, mood disorders, asthma to protecting the liver, making bones healthier, reducing high blood pressure to mention but a few. Moringa does deserve the given miracle plant name.

Moringa leaves are dried and crushed into powder which you can then use as an additive to your cooking. Add it (in its powder form) to sauces, milkshakes, smoothies, soups, meats and tea.

Moringa powder is available in the major supermarkets, health product shops with its cost varying depending on where purchased.

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