Common Myths and Lies about Weight Loss


Common Myths about Metabolism and Weight Loss.

Here, we debunked the Common Myths and lies about Metabolism and Weight Loss.

myths and lies on weight loss

Have you ever wondered why some people eat a lot and don’t gain weight? Others, struggle to shed those unnecessary pounds despite not eating much? That’s because of metabolism.

Metabolism is the process of converting our eaten food into energy to help our body function. Without energy, we cannot perform even the most basic functions like blinking our eyes. In some people metabolic rate is faster, so they lose weight quickly while in some the process is slow and leads to slowed weight loss.

There is a strong relation between metabolism and weight loss but there are many misconceptions about metabolism rate. Let’s debunk some of the common myths related to metabolism rate and weight loss.

Myth 1- Metabolic rates remain the same:

Fact- Though metabolic rates are determined by our genetics, it is very much possible to boost your metabolism through increasing lean muscle mass. The reason is that muscle is active metabolically; therefore, people with more lean muscle require more energy to function than people with more body fat. A gradual decrease in muscle mass occurs as we age, which slows down the metabolic rate but this decline can be prevented if you head to the gym regularly and pick up weights.

Myth 2- Green tea and chili can boost metabolism:

Fact- There is no specific foods that boost metabolism and weight loss because the process cannot be sped up. Though green tea and chili peppers can boost metabolic rate but this is only temporary and the increment is quite insignificant. Hence, there is no use indulging in foods rich in chili as it won’t help you lose weight quickly. Checkout this new way of loosing weight and fats

Myth 3- Late night meals can slow metabolism:

Fact: High metabolism and weight lossing are although correlated but there is little evidence that support the assumption that eating meals after 8 p.m. can lead to slowed metabolism or weight gain. Yet, it is not right to snack too much late in the night because you may not be able to enjoy good sleep.

Myth about Weight loss – Skipping meals and low-calorie diet helps in quick weight loss:

Fact- You can boost your metabolism and weight loss with the right kind of meals only. Creating calorie deficit by skipping meals or staying hungry will lead to weight gain. Its said, because the body regards an empty stomach as the start of famine and begins its defense mechanism to prevent energy loss. This mechanism involves storing fat to be used as a fuel.


Metabolism rate is determined by your genes. You can slightly improve it through a balanced diet comprising of good fats, natural foods, and whole grains. Avoid eating junk food and processed items to ensure speedy and healthy weight loss.

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