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We offer lectures primarily on two softwares, Corel draw for graphic designs and Photoshop for photo editing. If you are a beginner, we automatically enroll you to our Coreldraw classes, as it is easier to build a foundation from there.
Once you complete the corel draw classes successfully, and wish to continue, we enroll you to he Photoshop class.

Note: To be a good in the field of photo arts and graphics designs, you need to have a good knowledge of both softwares.

At the end of the entire class sessions, we will introduce you to 3 other needful softwares, if you care about delivering amazing services to clients with speed and accuracy


Classes available include

  • Html
  • CSS
  • Javascript
  • Html5
  • Boostrap
  • WordPress

How we run our classes

We run our classes online, through Whatsapp
Our lessons are mainly done using videos and not just boring text and pdfs. We give practice assignments at the end of each lecture to help you master what what you have learnt. Your teacher will be added in your class, for easier access to information and help.


Our lessons run for 1-2 weeks, depending on how serious you are


A personal computer or Desktop(for graphics / web designs)
A good browsing network
At least, 4 hours of practice daily
Tutorial fare

What you will get

  • You will become a professional graphic designer and photo editor if you are committed to learning.
  • You personally manage your business promotions, thereby saving some expenses
  • At the end of the class, if you wish, we will employ you as one of our designas, where you can be making #1000 daily from home

Job samples

Please see samples of what you can be doing after the class  here

Tutorial Charge /Duration

#6000 for Graphics Design –Logo, Flier etc (Max duration 10 days)
#6000 for Photo Editing (Max duration 10 days)
#9000 for Photoshop, Coreldraw, and the 3 additional softwares (Max duration 3weeks)


Cash Transfer, Web Payment, Bank Deposit, USSD code.

You can pay for any of the classes in two installments

If interested, please apply here.

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