4 Best ways to sell your Products Online


best ways to sell your products online

Are you thinking of the best ways to sell your products online? Well, we have carefully compiled this post as a guideline to address your curiosity. There are 4 best ways to sell your products online.

These include, through

  1. Free Classified Ads Website
  2. Third-Party eCommerce Website
  3. Social Media
  4. Personal  Website

1. Free Classified Ad Website

Classified Ads websites are websites that allow you to sell your product on their platform free of charge. They do all major jobs that are involved, so all you need is to upload your product, sit back and attend to customers calling to patronize you.

Some of the classified ad websites in Nigeria include

  • Olx.com
  • Jiji.ng
  • wetinuneed.com
  • Ady.ng
  • Second.com.ng
  • Cheki.com (Cars only)
  • Flingnow.com
  • Mobofree.com
  • Tradeonlinenigeria.com
  • Adbushi.com
  • Zokija.com
  • 1stnaira.com
  • Zazebra.com
  • Ojait.com
  • Freeads9ja.com
  • Nairaoutlet.com
  • Locanto.com.ng

To sell your products through any of these. It’s just a matter of

  1. Visit any of  the classified ads websites listed above
  2. Register with them
  3. Create a business ad for your business, where you can add your product titles, description, images, pricing and contact details
  4. Submit your the created ad.

Once submitted, the admin of the website will review your application and if approved, people who visit the ad website can see your products and contact you for patronage

2. Third-Party eCommerce Website

Selling through a third-party eCommerce Website is almost the same as selling through a free classified ad website. The only difference is, when you sell through a third-party e-commerce website,  your customers can order and pay for your products online. Whereas in the Free Classified Ads option, they can only see your products and contact you for patronage (they can’t purchase them online )

Some of the popular third party e-commerce websites in Nigeria are

  • Jumia.com.ng
  • Kaymu.com
  • Taafoo.com
  • Adibba.com
  • shopaholic.com
  • Dealdey.com
  • Wakanow.com
  • Konga.com
  • Mallforafrica.com

The process of registering and selling on these third-party platforms is the same as above, except that you will add your account number when registering for this

3. Social Media

Social media is very another way to sell your product online. It’s an effective way to get more customers online. The most common social media platforms available in Nigeria include Facebook, Instagram, Whatsapp etc.

To sell on Facebook and Instagram, you can sell organically by

  1.  Create an account with Facebook if you don’t have any.
  2. Make your profile public
  3. Add as many friends as possible
  4. Join as many groups as possible.
  5. Make posts about your products and share to as many groups as you can

If you have a sellable product, It will surprise you the way buyers will be calling for your product from Facebook.

You can also sell inorganically on Facebook or Instagram by running a sponsored advertisement. We have a detailed guide on how to run an effective sponsored ad on Facebook and on Instagram. If run very well, this method can really get you thousands of buyers online

4. Personal Website

Selling your products through your own personal e-commerce website is one of the most effective options in selling your products. Although, it requires some capital to get a website established and maintained. There are many benefits why you should sell with your own website.

Besides, because of the digital age, we are in, every business that intends to grow big tomorrow should have a website. Here are 12 reasons why you need a website for your business. With FreeDesigna.com, you can get a professional website for as low as #15,000



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