Bovi Wants to sell his last son

Nigerian comedian, actor and event MC, Bovi wants to sell his last son, following his destructive attitude at home. Bovi revealed that his son has broken their television for the third timeRead More →

How scammers operate in Nigeria -

Some individuals and businesses at different times may come under attack by scammers. Their main aim is to trick, confuse you and steal your money. Scamming simply means to deceiveRead More →

All about Nigeria e naira

Nigeria’s digital currency called the Nigeria e-Naira (e naira) would be launched by 1st Oct 2021. People are asking, what is the e-Naira (e naira)? Is the e-Naira (e naira)Read More →

Importance of Branding

In the previous post, we discussed extensively what branding is all about. In this post, we will see the importance of branding 1. Branding sets the first impression First impressionsRead More →